Advocacy Current Case Study 2

Fairway’s client is a lady who looks after her autistic son who is aged 24. This young man with autism only receives 6 hrs/week care resulting in his mother having to care for her son for the remainder of the time. The son requires constant supervision as he requires a lot of prompting from his mother due to a lack of independent living skills such as needing to be prompted to turn of the rings on the cooker after preparing his dinner. Fairway’s client finds herself suffering from chronic stress due to the lack of help from social work and is requiring a holiday to recharge and will therefore require her son to have increased hours care while she is away. Social work carried out a carer’s assessment to determine whether respite care hours should be provided and if so how many. Fairway’s client has been told by her son’s social worker that the likelihood is that she will not be awarded these respite hours care. Fairway have asked their client to keep a diary of her son’s care needs and arranged to meet with the social work department to help their client convince social work into providing the respite hours.