Advocacy Current Case Study 3

Fairway’s client who lives with chronic migraine has been living in sheltered accommodation for around two years where she has been bullied as well as had possessions thieved by the other residents. Despite Fairway’s client complaining to the Housing Officer, the housing officer had taken no action and was suggesting that Fairway’s client was an intimidating person thus inviting any possible ill treatment. Fairway Advocacy met with the Housing Officer and reminded them of what their obligations are under the “Duties of the Scottish Housing Regulator”. The Housing Officer has responded by offering Fairway’s client with a move to a private tenancy but the client on principle do not feel that she should be the one having to move therefore the housing officer is in the process of arranging a meeting between the client/Fairway/ringleader of bullying campaign/Housing Officer to seek resolution. Fairway are awaiting a date for a meeting.