Advocacy Past Case Study 3

A lady with Multiple sclerosis was being picked up by her husband outside a hairdresser where her husband parked in a disability parking bay putting the blue badge parking sign on the dashboard. At the time of doing this a parking attendant caught the husband using the blue badge and booked him. Ther husband tried explaining that he was picking up his disabled wife but the attendant refused to accept this as an excuse. The council took the side of the attendant and demanded payment. Fairway’s client refused to pay which resulted in fines for late payment being added on top of the original fine. Fairway’s client still refused to pay and the debt was passed onto a debt collection agency who were threatening to get a warrant to auction her possessions if she did not pay. Fairway Advocacy wrote to the council and informed them that the parking attendant had not complied with the law which could be found in: ‘The Blue Badge Scheme: Parking Concessions for people with physical disabilities’ publication 2007, outlined by Scottish Government. Fairway’s client then got a letter from the debt collection agency saying that there would no longer be increased amounts owed for refusing to pay and that the debt she owed could be paid off at one pound per month.