Advocacy Past Case Study 4

Fairway’s client was a man with Parkinson’s Disease. Fairway’s client was being looked after in the community by carers in his own home. Fairway’s client had been given a care plan that was two years old. This was the care plan that was to be used by the carers to meet his needs. The care plan of before two years ago was also onsite in his file which did not require as many skills from the carers as his care was more basic due to his condition that being as severe at that time. The current carers were expected to use equipment that they had been given no training in using. This was moving & Handling equipment which they were not prepared to use for their safety as well as the client’s safety. Despite Fairway’s client raising this with the care provider the care provider never addressed the skills deficit of his carers. As a consequence of this his carers were using the two years out of date care plan. This put Fairway’s client at risk of injury as well as resulting in many of his needs being unmet. Fairway Advocacy wrote a letter to the care provider requesting a meeting and the care provider responded by training their staff with the necessary moving and handling skills. Fairway Advocacy also informed client that he was entitled to an annual social work assessment which he had not had in over two years. This was arranged for him to ensure that he was getting all the care that was required.