Advocacy Past Case Study 8

Client with Brittle Bones, kidney problems as well as suffering urinary incontinence had been relying on husband to help her up and down the stairs to the toilet due to balance issues and the risk of injuries if she fell due to her brittle bones. This made it impossible for Fairway’s client to use the toilet when her husband was out resulting in urinary incontinence. Fairway’s client had contacted Occupational Therapy to come round and do an assessment. The OT did this but carried out a rushed assessment and concluded that no stairlift was required and that the client would have to keep relying on her husband. Despite a number of future attempts to arrange for another OT assessment Fairway’s client had had no luck. Fairway Advocacy contacted the council’s Occupational Therapy department educating them on the difficulties that Fairway’s client and her husband were facing every day. Occupational Therapy immediately arranged to carry out assessment where more time was given to the assessment resulting in the provision of a stairlift.