Our Guide is now available for download by either Clicking here, on the front page (left margin of home page) or by going to downloads Fairway Advocacy has produced this Guide to teach the reader both the skills and application of these skills required to be a good self- advocate.

The reason Fairway Advocacy created this guide was because the demand for advocacy services is greater than its availability and as a consequence of this many advocacy organisations have client waiting lists. This is obviously disadvantageous to the person in need of advocacy especially when very often clients need the help of an advocate to resolve issues where there is a limited amount of time available for resolution e.g. making a complaint, or they must continue to live for an indefinite period of time with an issue that is incredibly stressful for them to live with e.g. anti-social neighbours. This waiting need not stall a prospective client from making a start on the resolving or addressing of any issues with the help of this Self-Advocacy Guide. Using this guide can help the client address their issue during their time on the waiting list or at least progress their case while waiting for an advocate. Others may just choose to use the guide as a means of resolving their issue and then decide to refer to an advocacy charity if the issue proves too difficult to resolve alone. The main aim and objective of the Self-Advocacy Guide is to provide a compensatory effect for the excess demand that current advocacy services cannot meet due to limited resources. Hard copies of the Guide can be obtained by contacting tim@fairwayadvocacy.org.uk

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