Useful Contacts

CAPABILITY SCOTLAND -                     

Capability Scotland provides education, employment and care services for those affected by disability throughout Scotland.

Capability Scotland also campaigns to ensure that those affected by disability are allowed to enjoy the same human and civil rights that others in society take for granted.


Citizens Advice Bureau -                     


DISABILITY RIGHTS UK -                    

Disability Rights UK is an organisation that seeks to promote the rights of those living with physical impairment and works towards achieving social equality for those living with such impairment so that those with disabilities can enjoy the same rights and opportunities that others experience.


Equality & Human Rights Commission -


Government:  DISABILITY & TRANSPORT-    

                        DISABILITY BENEFITS -           

                        DISABILITY RIGHTS –              

                        DISABILITY & WORK –             


                        DISABILITY EQUIPMENT –      

Glasgow Disability Alliance -             

The Glasgow Disability Alliance is a large user led organisation with a membership of over 1500 people affected by physical disability whose purpose is to represent the voice of disabled people with the aim of promoting equality, human rights and social justice.


LEAD Scotland -                                   

LEAD (Linking Education and Disability) is an organisation which widens access to educational opportunities to those affected by disability throughout Scotland.


MOMENTUM -                                     

Momentum provides training opportunities to people with disabilities to improve their employability prospects. 


SHELTER -                                          

Shelter is a charity which works towards alleviating the distress experienced by those affected by homelessness and bad housing. (Benefits)


Department of Work & Pensions


Scottish Government (Health & Social Care)